Frequently Asked Questions

GPS Platform

1.What is the “GPS” platform?

The “GPS” represents “Genotype”, “Phenotype” and “Synotype”.  Synbio Technologies’ Synotype platform was conceived, designed and implemented with synthetic biology technology to create:

  • A novel approach to deepen our knowledge on genotying (reading by writing);
  • A simple approach to characterize phenotyping (understanding by writing);
  • A quick approach to study the correlations of genotyping and phenotyping (linking by writing);
  • A cost effective approach to design and produce the novel sequence and subsequent function traits (creating by writing).

Synotype Platform

We coined “Synotype” while we established the company. “Synotype” represents a novel approach to phenotype by unnatured DNA. Synbio Technologies’ Synotype platform was conceived, designed and implemented with synthetic biology technology to produce:

  1. A novel approach to deepen our knowledge on genotying (reading by writing);
  2. A simple approach to characterize phenotyping (understanding by writing);
  3. A quick approach to study the correlations of genotyping and phenotyping (linking by writing);
  4. A cost effective approach to design and produce the novel sequence and subsequent function traits (creating by writing).

The Synotype approach platform utilizes the innovative Syno® 1.0-Syno® 3.0 DNA synthetic platforms to provide a wide range of one-stop solutions for any synthetic DNA projects.

  1. High quality de novo DNA synthesis
  2. Cost-effective DNA synthesis
  3. High throughput DNA manufacture

Genotype Platform

Synbio Technologies’ genotype platform is a data mining and DNA design platform, concentrating on:

  1. High-quality next generation sequencing (NGS) with data analysis
  2. High-performing design for DNA and protein molecules
  3. Immuno-sequencing and antibody sequencing.

Our improving genotype platform has been successfully utilized by synthetic biology, bio-pharmaceutical and biofuel industries.

Phenotype Platform

The aim of Phenotype platform is to make every “idea” of DNA into reality. The interaction between a host cell (Genotype) and a synthesized DNA (Synotype) often represent the significance of a designed phenotype. Synbio Technologies’ phenotype platform is built on our scientific knowledge and expertise that is focusing on a systematic and cost-effective DNA molecule’s performance evaluation in a determined cell system. Depending on our scientific knowledge and expertise, we have made great contribution to various fields.

2. Can GPS platform accelerate my research work?

Synbio Tech’s scientific capabilities encompass areas such as DNA engineering, DNA synthesis, genome synthesis, pathway synthesis, synthetic biology, pharmacogenomics, microbiology, translational biology and the applications of synthetic biology. Synbio Technologies’ team has a proven track record regarding translating scientific breakthroughs into cost effective biological solution.

Gene Synthesis

1.What is gene synthesis?

Gene synthesis is a method used to produce synthetic genes which can be inserted into DNA sequences. It is based on solid-phase DNA synthesis, as opposed to molecular cloning or PCR cloning. Therefore, it is possible to make a completely synthetic double-stranded DNA molecule with no apparent limits on either nucleotide sequence or size.

2.What are the differences between gene synthesis and traditional molecular cloning?

Gene synthesis differs from traditional molecular cloning and PCR cloning in several ways. In traditional molecular cloning, recombinant DNA molecules are assembled and replicated within host organisms. However, not every gene has high-efficiency expression in these systems, meaning that molecular cloning may not be the best option for these genes. Instead, through gene synthesis, it is possible to avoid this problem by creating a new system with high-efficiency expression of the target gene.

Please see the “Artificial Gene Synthesis and Traditional Molecular Cloning” page for further information about traditional molecular cloning and gene synthesis.

3.Why should I choose Synbio Technologies?

Synbio Technologies is a professional gene synthesis company that is becoming the leader of the world biosynthesis industry. Our team consists of experts in microbiology, biochemistry, and many other related sciences, all equipped with our advanced Syno®1.0-3.0 gene synthesis platform to assure high quality gene synthesis services. Synbio Technologies guarantees a turnaround time within 2-3 weeks after order submission, and being subcloned into any vector the clients choose.

4.What are the advantages of Synbio Technologies?

  • Reliable: The Syno® gene synthesis platform is capable of synthesizing any sequence, including repeated sequences, high GC sequences, hairpin sequences, ploy sequences, etc.
  • Advanced codon optimization technique: Our professional bioinformatics experts are always ready to offer clients free codon optimization services.
  • Advanced gene recombination technique: The employment of patented gene recombination techniques ensure subcloning any gene into any vector that clients required within 20-60mins.
  • Intellectual property protection: All of your IP related rights are fully protected by Synbio Technologies. DNA sequences and related information are kept strictly confidential throughout the entire process. All materials and mid-products including synthesized oligos, genes, plasmids and cells will be destroyed one month after delivery.
  • Accuracy: Synbio Technologies guarantees 100% gene synthesis accuracy and quality assurance on gene sequencing products.

5.What lengths of DNA can you synthesize?

Synbio Technologies’ standard gene synthesis services can synthesize gene sequences up to 10 kb upon your request. For DNA longer than 10 kb, please contact our project manager for a quote.

6.Can you synthesize sequences with high GC content or repeats?

Yes. The Syno®2.0 platform enables us to synthesize difficult sequences. Our professional scientific team has years of experience on gene synthesis. They have successfully synthesized thousands of difficult sequences with high GC content, repeats, etc.

7.How fast can you synthesize a gene?

Note: the delivery time only applies for non-complex sequences.

8.Can you optimize the genes? How does the codon optimization help to my project?

We can optimize gene sequences upon request. Your sequence will be optimized with our advanced bioinformatics platform and reviewed carefully by our professional experts.

Normally, different organisms have different codon usage preferences. For example, the preferred codons used in a mouse gene might be rare in bacteria. This can cause problems when you try to express human genes in E. coli. By using our synthetic genes with codon optimization, both the protein expression success rate and the protein expression level are dramatically increased.

9.What type of vector is the DNA cloned into?

pUC57-Amp or pUC57-Kan are the default vectors. If you want your synthetic gene cloned into your own vector, please provide the vector and send us the detailed vector information.

10.How do you QC the product?

At Synbio Technologies, we have a very strict QC procedure that covers each step of your project. Every synthesized DNA product is confirmed by DNA sequencing before delivery. A COA (certificate of analysis) file and a sequence map will be delivered with the construct.

11.What is the standard delivery package?

  • 2~5 µg of lyophilized plasmid containing the genes your ordered
  • Certificate of Analysis (COA)
  • Sequence map


1.What subcloning services does Synbio Technologies have to offer?

Program design, preparation of target gene & vector, transformation of target gene into vector, screening and identification of recombinant vectors.

2.Why should I choose Synbio Technologies?

  • Synbio Technologies’proprietary Syno®2.0 gene synthesis platform offers cutting-edge technology and provides high-quality gene synthesis services.
  • Synbio Technologies provides an accelerated subcloning design program.
  • Synbio Technologies promises rapid delivery of high-quality products. For target genes of length < 3Kb, we guarantee delivery in 5 business days.

3.What materials and information do I need to submit?

  • Materials for subcloning: Plasmid templates or high activity bacteria solution containing target gene digested by restriction enzyme. We recommend TA cloning which has a higher success rate as a subcloning template, and is more robust to any possible degradation of the PCR product that may occur during the transport process.
  • Information for subcloning: Gene sequence and cloning site, full name, detailed sequence or map of the vector.

4.What will you receive from subcloning service in Synbio Technologies?

Delivery: Both lyophilized plasmid DNA(2~5 µg) and bacteria solution of your insert in your chosen vector.
Data: Sequence chromatograms and QC data

How to order (CLICK HERE for Step-by-Step Online Ordering System Walkthroughs)

1.How can I get a quote and place an order?

You can get a quote using our online request submission form. Or you can email all the sequences and requirements directly to:

2.When can I receive your feedback?

Synbio Technologies’ project managers will contact you within one business day after we get your request.

3.I have registered, but I never received an activation email. Who can I contact to activate my account?

Please contact the Synbio Technologies support team ( and we will be glad to help you.

4.I have registered and received an activation link, but the Order System website still requires me to activate my account. What should be done?

Please contact the Synbio Technologies support team ( for assistance.

5.How can I upload more than five (5) sequences? Do you have batch import tools?

You can use our “Bulk Add Item” option, which allows you to upload multiple sequences in a project.

6.What is a PO number?

A PO number is the purchase order number allocated by your organization for the total amount of the service. If your organization does not issue a PO number, you do not need to enter a purchase order number.

7.I don’t have a credit card, do I need to use a credit card to purchase services from Synbio Technologies?

No, you can also invoice directly to pay by check, wire transfer, or PayPal ®. If your organization uses an internal reference or purchase order number, you can enter the number at the time of ordering.

8.Will drafts generated in my account automatically send quote requests?

No, if you save the draft, your project will just be saved in your account for your own future reference.

9.What browser requirements are needed to use the Order System website?

For best performance, use Microsoft IE8 + or the latest version of Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, or Apple Safari.
You can also contact us:
Fax: 609-228-5911
Phone: 732-230-3003

10.Can I transfer items from an old account to a new account through the Order System website?

Unfortunately, this cannot be done. For further assistance in project management, please contact us at