RNA Sequencing

Transcriptome is an inevitable bound between genome genetic information and biological functions. It generally refers to the union of all transcription products under a certain physiological condition in a cell. These transcription products include messenger RNA, ribosomal RNA, transport RNA, and non-coding RNA. Essentially, is refers to the set of all mRNA. Transcriptional research is the foundation and starting point of genomic function and overall structure. Through high-throughput sequencing technology, almost all RNA information of a tissue or organ can be sequenced comprehensively in certain state and include eukaryotic and prokaryotic RNA sequencing. Transcriptional research has become the best solution to reveal the regulation of biological growth and development, stress, and disease resistance. Nowadays, RNA sequencing is widely applied to a wide variety of biological research as well as clinical diagnosis and drug development.

Competitive Advantages

  • High Data Quality: With rich experience in library construction for prokaryotic RNA sequence to reach good rRNA removal efficiency.
  • High Coverage: Digital signals that directly determine the sequence of almost all transcripts. High or low abundances can be identified and quantified simultaneously.
  • Strand-specific RNA-seq Library: The dUTP strand-specific RNA-seq library was used to construct an optimal approach to ensure the directivity of transcripts and accurate quantitative results.
  • Comprehensive Analysis: Specific probes and reference genomic information are not necessary to detect genes but also to discover new transcripts.
  • Professional: Strong ability to process complex samples, assist customers to analysis biological information quickly, efficiently, and accurately.
  • Customized Services: We can provide flexible and personalized information analysis in combination with all needs of customers.

RNA Sequencing Technical Strategy

Service Specifications

ServiceSample TypeSequencing ModelSampling Requirements
Prokaryotic RNA Sequencing
Microorganism (≥ 5 ×107), tissue, environmental samples, total RNA, etc.
HiSeq 4000, PE150Total RNA ≥3μg, Concentration ≥70 ng/μL
Eukaryotic RNA SequencingCell, tissue, serum, plasma, total RNA, etc.
Total RNA ≥ 2g (minimum 1g), concentration ≥ 50 ng/μL