Monoclonal/Hybridoma Antibody Sequencing

Obtaining the hybridoma monoclonal antibody (mAb) sequence is one of the key requirements of recombinant antibody engineering. Synbio Technologies provides both accurate and efficient monoclonal antibody sequencing services. To accomplish this, we utilize special primer sets and advanced sequencing techniques to help our customers save on research costs and increase overall efficiency. In doing so, we allow our customers to accomplish their downstream research goals and applications such as antibody humanization, antibody reformatting, or cell line transfection.

Synbio Technologies’ standard monoclonal antibody sequencing service involves the sequencing of 10-50 independent clones of the target mAb. With our extensive experience, we can accurately measure the hybridoma mAb to generate a strong consensus genetic sequence. Using the resulting sequences, the corresponding antibodies can be obtained through recombinant proteins. Moreover, you could store your antibodies in the form of literal sequence information and prevent the loss caused by the abnormal hybridoma.

Synbio Technologies offers the monoclonal antibody sequencing service designed to generate accurate and reliable mAb genetic sequences. In addition, our engineered antibody expression services utilize our NG™ Codon Optimization Technology and Syno® DNA Synthesis Platform. Both are beneficial to researchers interested in antibody expression and purification for subsequent use.

Competitive Advantages

  • Utilizing the RACE technology to obtain the complete monoclonal antibody sequence information
  • Using custom primer sets and special reagents developed by Synbio Technologies to ensure optimal success rates and efficient turnaround times
  • Enhanced bioinformatic analysis removes redundant sequence information
  • Full traceability ensures batch to batch consistency throughout our customers’ research development and manufacturing procedure
  • The third party offers verification for your target antibody cell lines to ensure strict quality control measures and added security


  • Provide accurate antibody sequencing to support and strengthen your patent application
  • Permanently store monoclonal antibody sequences and prevent the loss of hybridomas/cell lines
  • Help the selection of appropriate cell lines to express recombinant monoclonal antibody with higher purity
  • Shorten the period of hybridoma clone and accelerate the generation of monoclonal antibody
  • Affinity maturation, further enhance the affinity of monoclonal antibody
  • Build chimeric antibodies, humanized antibodies, bi-specific antibodies, etc.

Services Specifications

ServiceDescriptionTurnaround TimeDeliverables
Standard mAb SequencingStandardized work flow for hybridoma sequencing2-3 Weeks
  1. Final sequence report with leader sequences and CDR region annotated
  2. Plasmid contains antibody coding sequence (upon your request)
Express mAb SequencingRapidly identify antibody sequences from the target cell lines1 Week

*For antibody sequencing services: customers will need to submit hybridoma cell samples (>1×106 cells) and indicate the subtype of your monoclonal antibody.

Standard Hybridoma Sequencing Process