Antibody Discovery and Vaccine Production

From SARS to COVID-19, coronaviruses are undergoing directed evolution to a certain extent. Synthetic biology is recognized as the most powerful way to study directed evolution today. DNA Reading technology has played an active role in disease diagnosis and pathogen tracing. The development of DNA & RNA vaccines cannot be separated from DNA writing technology. DNA Editing technology may have great potential in improving the efficacy of disease in the near future.

Synbio Technologies focuses on the new generation of DNA technology’s development and application. Our professional and integrated ability of DNA Reading, Writing, and Editing provides powerful technical platforms for synthetic biology. Syno® Ab is our one-stop de novo antibody design and production platform based on the combination of antibody molecule computer simulation design technology with DNA manufacturing technology. It was developed for antibody drug discovery and can help researchers effectively reduce research costs and time. With an experienced bioinformatics team, Synbio Technologies can provide guaranteed design for designated targets, neutralizing antibodies, and vaccine preparation. We can efficiently serve the construction of humanized antibody libraries, genetic engineering vaccine development, chromosome / genome synthesis, etc. to meet various customer needs.


Antibody Production

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